Leslie and Marla - Snappy Chicks

Leslie and Marla met while working at a college.  Marla ran across a concept that she loved.  She shared the concept with Leslie and Snappy Chicks began.  Leslie and Marla started making snaps to go into Snappy Chicks Jewelry.  While working at the college they started selling their jewelry line at the local Farmer's Market in Winfield Kansas.  Shortly after beginning to sell, a local business asked if we wanted her to sell our Snappy Chicks line in her store.  

Leslie and Marla begin selling their items in one store and are now selling their jewelry line in several boutiques in and around Kansas.  

In  2015 the ladies decided to open their first Snappy Chicks Boutique in Derby Kansas.  They wanted to sell their snap line along with everything else they loved....clothes, accessories, girlfriend gifts, etc.

In 2016 Leslie and Marla decided to open their second Snappy Chicks Boutique in Winfield Kansas.  This boutique carries the same items as the original one in Derby.  

If you see the ladies out at craft shows please stop by and tell them "hi".  They love their Snappy Chicks.